Strategic Ad Buying
Experiential marketing is a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers and invites or encourages them to participate in an artist's experience. The idea behind experiential marketing is that consumers should not be passive receivers of marketing messages but instead, should be actively involved in the production of marketing programs which helps foster a relationship and deeper connection with the brand. 

As part of its experiential marketing strategy, momo entertainment will identify events that meet your key target audience such as beauty conventions or Coachella. We will create banner ads and multiple web marketing campaigns in order to successfully win bids for top ad placement during the days leading up to the event, the dates of the event itself, as well as the day or two following. The goal is to win all ad bids during this time so that event goers are shown your ads on almost every website they go to. 

As event goers are shown ads and click on them, we will gather information about the user including IP address and place a cookie in their browser. Through the placement of the cookie, we will be able to show event goers your retargeting ads for weeks following the concert, continuing to remind them of your brand and message. Retargeting ads will be placed in Google AdWords, third party websites, Facebook, and other social media platforms. 

A key element of the experiential marketing campaign and strategic ad buying will be creating a geo-fenced web campaign. A geo-fenced campaign is a marketing campaign that is narrowly focused on the geographical area of the target event and only appears to users in that specific area. For example, for a beauty convention,  we can target its web campaign to users at the venue. Depending on the event, other specific areas/venues/zip codes can be added to the geo-fenced campaign as well (such as nearby hotels, restaurants, night clubs, etc.). By creating a highly targeted web campaign, marketing dollars are spent mostly on event goers which will have the highest click and conversion possibility. 

Geo-Fencing (optional) We would recommend implementing geo-fenced marketing campaigns only when needed. Geo-fenced campaigns could target beauty conventions or special events such as Coachella. Ad buys for a geo- fenced marketing campaign are typically between $15,000 - $20,000. 

Co Promotion: Influencer Marketing
To create an organic buzz around your organization’s event it may make sense to promote the event with another influencer. The co-influencer should be compensated in exchange for actively posting on their personal social media accounts about the event. The co-influencer should post pictures of the event on their Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram accounts as well as use a hashtag created for the event. Ideally the co- influencer will also include your brand as well as the event or product in their message so that their followers see your brand and want to follow you as well. 

Co-Promotion with other Influencers (optional) On an as needed basis, we can facilitate co-promotion campaigns with other influencers. Ad buys for these types of campaigns are typically $5,000 - $10,000 per month. 

Launch Party (optional) Momo Entertainment can help plan, coordinate, and promote launch parties that invite VIPs, celebrities, and media. momo entertainment’s fees for this type of event range from $15,000 - $25,000 with video livestreaming included. 

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