As part of its marketing solution, momo entertainment will assist in optimizing your website and social media platforms to increase website credibility and relevancy, directly increasing its Google ranking and placement in search results. Website optimization will most likely include a number of technical fixes, the addition of backlinks, original content creation, and social media management. 


The first step to optimizing your website will be to conduct an extensive search engine optimization (SEO) audit. 

  • ü  Technical Website Analysis: We will will run a series of audits to discover any technical issues that may be preventing the website from running optimally. We will provide a checklist of technical fixes after the audit. 
  • ü  Keyword Research: We will analyze your website’s current keywords and make new keyword suggestions. Any keyword changes must be approved by you prior to implementation.
  • ü  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Together, we will define overall SEO and website performance goals. Together we will create an editorial calendar for original content creation. 
  • ü  Website Content Analysis: Based on the keyword research, we may suggest the creation of new webpages within your website. The purpose of these new webpages will be to provide content that users may feel is currently lacking.
    We will also perform SEO audits on five of your competitors. After you tell us which competitors to analyze, we will determine what keywords the competitors are using as well as get a feel for their KPIs. The competitor analysis will influence the final list of approved keywords and your own KPIs. 


We will provide you with a list of technical fixes for your website in order to increase SEO, achieve higher Google rankings, and increase placement in search results. These technical fixes may include items such as: 

  • ü  Site speed optimization (recommendation on hosting solution)
  • ü  URL optimization
  • ü  Identify duplicate content
  • ü  Image alt tags optimization
  • ü  H1 & H2 tag optimization
  • ü  Website structure optimization
  • ü  Fix canonical issues (URL & IP address)
  • ü  Implement 301 permanent redirects
  • ü  Robot.txt file development
  • ü  Implement Google Analytics
    SEO Management & Maintenance

ü Submission of site maps

ü Title tag optimization
ü Optimize meta descriptions
ü Ensure SEO friendly URLs
ü Social media activity
ü Body text & content optimization ü Reduce HTML page size
ü Fix minification issues
ü Perform an HTTPS test 

The monthly fee for management and maintenance of website SEO is $2,000. This includes website optimization, an SEO audit, competitor analysis, and on-page SEO work. We will monitor the website’s performance in order to make SEO and keyword changes as needed. 


Content Creation
Content marketing is a valuable, but often overlooked part of off-site SEO. We will assist in writing original content that is relevant and keyword rich. Some content will self-promoting while other content will be informative. Some content will be published solely on your website whereas some content will be posted both on your website and on other third party websites such as social media and blog platforms. 

We would also recommend turning original written content into short videos, that can be shared on your website as well as on third party websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. 

We will provide [client] with four major blog posts, eight micro blog posts, and six press releases monthly. All blog posts and press releases will be original content that is keyword rich to ensure an organic SEO response to the content. 

Content Creation

The monthly fee for original content creation is $2,000. This includes four major blog posts (over 300 words), eight micro blogs (100 – 150 words), and six press releases monthly. 

*Artist is responsible for posting their own organic, social media posts and placing links to content and promotions in their social media profiles. 

Link Building
In conjunction with original content creation, we will begin a link building strategy in order to enhance the credibility and authority of your website. momo entertainment will build backlinks to your website from websites with a higher authority such as .edu and .gov websites. 

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